Will Taiwan call some shots in the USA-China jigsaw?

02 October 2020. TAIWAN appears to be a “game-changer” in the current volatile USA-China relations as the majority in South-East Asia watch with subtle concern on how these new rising tides may turn out. Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen wants to create an alliance to defend “freedom, safety, human rights and democracy” in Asia, as the self-ruled island faces renewed pressure from neighbouring China. Though she did not mention China explicitly in her speech, given at a security forum in Taip

Friend or Foe? Asean-China Ties Tested by South China Sea Disputes

It’s not all calm waters in the South China Sea. It’s nervy times in recent months as China flexes its muscles to a territorial maritime dominance. Initially, Indonesia and China crossed watery-swords arising from the tensions in Natuna Island. Another standoff flared up involving Vietnamese vessels and the Chinese government survey ship, near Malaysia. Uneasy times continued with the Haiyang Dizhi 8 surveying in resource-rich waters 352 km off the coast of Brunei and Malaysia; a global flashpo

Calmness seems a nil possibility in South China Sea | ADU

Jakarta. 01 August 2020. All is not calm in the waters of the South China Sea. Geopolitical times have been tense in recent months as China has been flexing its muscles to trumpet its territorial maritime dominance. Initially, Indonesia and China crossed watery-swords arising from the tensions in Natuna Island. Another standoff flared up with Vietnamese vessels with the Chinese government survey ship, near Malaysia.

Indonesia Stands Up To Maritime Sovereignty Against China

SOVEREIGNTY is a matter of distinct pride for Indonesia and there will be no compromises with anyone seeking to intrude into its territorial waters. Early this year, heads turned towards Indonesian President Jokowi when he took China by the horn when the powerful Chinese tried to enter inside Indonesia’s exclusive economic zone. He daringly walked the talk. From firing warning shots, interception of Chinese boats and trawlers, with most recent action, deployment of fighter jets that buzzed the

Singapore bucks up in Covid-19 fight

SINGAPORE now knows it has to seriously buck up in the prolonged fight against the coronavirus pandemic, once praised as a shining example of how to handle the new virus as the World Health Organization (WHO) pointed out that Singapore’s aggressive contact tracing allowed it to quickly identify and isolate any new cases. It quickly shut down clusters of cases and kept most of its economy and its schools open. Through the beginning of April, Singapore had recorded fewer than 600 cases. But withi

Global eyes on gimmicks of North Korean leader

Jakarta, Indonesia. 09 May 2020. North Korean rebel supremo Kim Jong-un is a much wanted man in the sense the global focus is on him and anything he does or doesn’t makes big bold headlines. News splashed all over the world about his so-called disappearance. Many were led to think Kim’s health has seriously deteriorated owing to heart surgery, while rumours continued to latch onto “brain dead”, vegetative state” even demise after the operation has gone south. The credibility of such increases e

Malaysia boldly fights Covid-19 despite political headaches

Jakarta. 02 May 2020. COVID19, or rather frighteningly called the “invincible virus” with comparisons made to the Spanish Flu of 1918, is sending tsunami-like shivers throughout the world. From America to Europe, Asia to Africa, governments and organisations are scrambling to manage the deadly virus from spreading further, without any correct antidote found to contain it. Latest figures as at 16 April, shows more than two million people have been infected worldwide and over 100,000 have succum

Thailand bravely battles the coronavirus pandemic: ADU Media

Jakarta, Indonesia. 18 April 2020. Thailand knows how to stand tall when the toughest tests come round the corner. True to the saying that “when the going gets tough, the tough gets going” the “Land of Smiles” has proved during the ongoing medical crisis that their forte in the coronavirus pandemic is to have their hard-earned guards in the right places. A country that kept its doors open in the early days of Covid-19 appears to be struggling to contain the numbers of the transmission. Why did

Indonesia bucks up to coronavirus dangers | ADU MEDIA

Jakarta,Indonesia. 12 April 2020. When the deadly coronavirus cut a swathe through Asia, the only country which was spared initially, was Indonesia, the fourth-most populous country in the world. It’s a “blessing from the Almighty” according to Indonesia’s Health Minister, Terawan Agus Purwanto. Ironical you may say, when Indonesia bore the brunt of past global tragedies when they were never spared from tsunami to widespread floods. The sprawling South-east Asian country of more than 260 milli

Tackling sea piracy in Straits of Malacca in COVOD-19 times

Jakarta, Indonesia. 27 March 2020. Don’t keep your regional eyes just on the serious Covid-19 as on the high seas, along the Straits of Malacca, there’s an alarming rise in regional piracy. Ships in the Singapore Strait alone were boarded by suspected robbers in 31 incidents in 2019 – a four-year high, according to a maritime information sharing centre. There were only 17 incidents from 2016 to 2018, although this peaked at 99 in 2015. Nine of the incidents involved armed perpetrators, with cr

Singapore-Australia: Bold buddy military bonding | ADU MEDIA

Jakarta. 27 March 2020. Singapore and Australia further stamped their bold buddy bondship with a new military training agreement. This development marked another very strong inflection point in the ongoing partnership of the defence aspect of the broader bilateral relationship between the two Asian states amid wider domestic and regional changes at play. Both countries can hold their heads high to have long maintained a security relationship as part of their wider ties, which were elevated to

Carona Virus subdues Singapore Airshow | ADU Media

Singpore. 11 February 2020. This is a classic case of China sneezing and Singapore getting a cold. Singapore Airshow 2020 started on a subdued note under the Corona virus clouds. Despite a major chunk of exhibitors which means more than 70 of them including US aerospace major Lockheed Martin pulling out of the Airshow due to the fear engulfing the region over the coronavirus outbreak, organisers have ensured that the show must go on. Textron Aviation, Gulfstream, Bombardier, Honeywell, and Coll

Indonesia & China cross maritime swords | ADU Media

Bangkok. 18 January 2020. The calm before the storm or the storm coming ahead of any calm- whichever way you look at it, tensions in the Natuna Island in the South China Sea have flared again, putting Indonesia and China in very discomforting positions. Realistically, neither countries are showing signs of backing down. And it must be noted that since 2016, they have crossed maritime swords. The Indonesia Navy fired warning shots at several boats with Chinese flags. And intercepted the trawler

Defence & Security 2019 ends in the power of partnership | ADU

Bangkok. 25 November 2019. Here goes Thailand in making a positive regional mark. The Thailand-hosted Defence & Security 2019, which concluded on November 21 last year, fired away to be a rip-roaring success. Rightly so, it was also held in conjunction with the Asean Defence Ministers’ Meeting (ADMM) Retreat & ADMM Plus. The tri-service focus was on regional cooperation and business partnerships for a more united and effective response regarding disaster management cyber security, anti-terroris

French ‘Naval Group’ makes big waves in Singapore

Singapore. 23 November 2019. The key word in futuristic naval warfare is “superiority” and the smart-minded French have taken a bold step to start a first R & D (research and development) centre in Singapore. A second is expected to open in Australia next year and this hails as “Singapore becoming our strategic centre of excellence abroad for disruptive naval innovation”, says Alain Guillou, Naval Group Senior Executive Vice President. Speaking at the recent ground-breaking ceremony, he hailed

The Ugly ‘Tsunami’ Of Terrorism Has To Be Dwarfed

Bangkok. 21 November 2019. NEVER ever take global terrorism for granted. Like a spark of fire, it can rage and bring mankind to its knees. With so many hardline groups now online and looking to push a slanted agenda, sometimes over conflicts few outside their region will even have heard of, international media groups and unconnected governments will have to become even more sensitive to how events they are portraying could be interpreted or misused by actors far away. ASEAN (Association of Sou

Watch out for India’s new defence dream | ADU Media

Bangkok. 19 November 2019. INDIA intends to flex its defensive muscles to be a serious global defence player in the months to come, says Defence Minister Rajnath Singh. He stressed that India’s defence sector has significantly matured and is exploring mutually beneficial partnerships with friendly countries to set up industries in India and abroad. Showcasing India’s defence potentials, the Defence & Security, Bangkok, 2019 was the right platform as it drew global participants and top leaders
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